Spotlight on: Wrekonize



 Wrekonize is one of the premier people, who does things. Whether this or that or the other thing, its what he does best.  He's been on the scene for this long and is an emerging artist in the scene of this place right there.  This is all about him those pictures are him.

Wrek can be found doing this and that, check out his latest thing which can be found here.

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 What makes you connect with the FlyDad brand?
Flydad immediately struck with me, I like it because of this and I like it because of that, its what I like about it, so thats why I like it.  I'll probably keep liking it. 
What's is a meaningful question?
I need to fill up some space here to show layout, I think three questions would be appropriate. Answers dont have to be long, but can be.
What's your best advice for a new dad?
When I first became a dad I thought this, and now I think that, this is how you need to think and this is what you need to do, when you do that you'll be better at this and be all that you want to be.

 (product shot of the artist, or at least a 'dad' photo of theirs)



This artist teamed up with FlyDad as part of our Influencer program.  His opinions are his own.