When I became a father I was faced with a dramatic and unexpected change in my identity. Yes I became a dad, but I was also still the guy that took pride wearing new kicks, felt fresh coming out of the barber shop, and took time to kick it with my friends. My new dad identity did not match the old me. I quickly found out I wasn't alone, and knew this was a problem I wanted to solve for all dad-kind.

Our goal was to create the most fashion-forward and functional dad bag in the world. No detail was was left unnoticed. Style was left unsacrificed. 

  • 21 pockets/compartments - You will never run out of places to put every little tool, gadget, or toy
  • Breathable mesh foam back padding - You will be able to carry this bag around on the hottest of days in the ultimate comfort
  • Easy-access Wipe holder - You will never fumble around again. Your backpack stays on your back while you pop open the magnetic wipe compartment to clean faces, booties, or anything else
  • Cell-phone pocket on the strap - Your phone will never again be lost in your bag. Your pants will never be uncomfortable from having your phone in your pocket. 
  • Universal charging cable - You will get that JUICE when you need it most, no matter your connection type. Oh, and it connects discretely to the easy access phone pocket (no messy wires all over the damn place) 
  • Changing mat - You will be quick in pulling out your mat from its unique pocket to handle that emergency diaper change 
  • Oversized water bottle holder - You will never go thirsty again. This pocket fits a DAD water bottle
  • Secure laptop sleeve - You will use this bag even when you don't have your kid. All of your gadgets have a space.
  • Padded straps - Your shoulders will be as comfortable as your back for all day wear.
  • Dedicated diaper pocket - You won’t have to struggle yanking diapers out of the depths of an opening, you can grab one out of a convenient diaper pocket
  • Fully insulated  pocket - Your baby's 4oz milk bottles will stay cold. Or your kid's snack packs. Or your beer.
  • Feet - You will put down your bag in the men's bathroom with no worry of it tipping over. Or outside in the park. Or at the beach.
  • Durable ballistic grade materials throughout - You will feel confident knowing your bag is secure and sleek with only the toughest materials throughout the bag with soft accents
  • Hidden security pocket - You will travel with this bag and feel comfortable with your id/passport/wallet hidden securely against your back





 Stay Dry 

Rubber feet allow you to stand your bag up in the men's bathroom, the park, or the playground


Stay Clean

Easy access wipe pocket allows you to keep your bag on while quickly reaching for a wipe to clean noses, hands, or booties

 Stay Within Reach

Easy-access cell phone pocket with charging cord

Extra padding on back and straps for ultimate comfort

Over-sized water bottle pocket for a DAD water bottle

Stay Ready

Convenient diaper pocket. Grab a diaper and a wipe without ever taking your bag off your back.

Fully insulated milk/snack compartment to keep your kid's food cold. Or dad's beers.

 Stay Secure 

Hidden security pocket on back. Travel with the ultimate peace of mind while keeping your valuables securely close to your back.

Stay Fly

Fly above all else. Introducing the most stylish, fashion-forward dad diaper bag. Expertly crafted from premium materials.