Our Story


Our Story

FlyDad provides fashionable and functional products that help dads preserve their swag.

The idea was born from the life experiences of a couple of friends from the ad industry. 

A casual catch up between two old colleagues got the wheels turning for the concept of FlyDad. During that chat they discussed the lack of "Fly" gear available for fathers like Manny to be able to parent in style. They decided they would design a line of products to serve this specific audience. At that moment the FlyDad brand was born. 

We started FlyDad to create innovative products for the modern dad.  Our first product is a dad bag, lovingly called the “First Born”.  It's as functional as it is fashionable. Learn about what makes this the best dad bag out there.



Manny "Digital" made his bones in The Bronx, NY. A son of Dominican immigrants, he grew up observing the pitfalls of his BX environment and carefully applied the lessons he picked up to set himself up for a better outcome.

One of those lessons came from his personal experience as part of a broken home. He knew early on the importance of a father's presence and how setting clear expectations with his eventual children would be the most impactful elements of building his family.

Fast forward... life ultimately connected Manny with KGB, which led to him meeting DJ EFN. Under the common bond of being fathers, these friends started an entertaining podcast called Father Hoodswhere they chronicle their lives as Dads along with icons in Hip Hop like N.O.R.E., Ludacris, Bun B, actor Jerry Ferrara and many more.


Paulina had a horrible experience with her daughter's father. Her purpose for starting FlyDad was to embrace all the amazing fathers out there instead of dwelling on her past.

She was falsely accused of abusing her daughter by her estranged husband in an effort to get revenge and gain control. This resulted in a lengthy court battle to prove her innocence. Her daughter was taken away for the duration of the investigation. In the end, she won and got her kid back.

In an effort to fight hate with love, she knew she had to do something to show appreciation for all the fathers out there that put their kids before their ego. Teaming up with Manny and creating FlyDad allowed her to honor fatherhood instead of resenting it.