The Ultimate Hospital Bag For Dad

It's almost time for your girl to give birth and you are PANICKED!!

As a man you want to make sure everything is taken care of and you are prepared. There have been countless articles written about how to prepare your girl's bag for the hospital, but what about dad??

This is not one of those instances when you can leave the house with your wallet, keys, and your girl's bag. You're going to need some stuff too.

You may want to pack all your essentials in your new FlyDad bag!

Here is a thorough and compete list of what to pack in dad's hospital bag:

  1. Pillow and blanket - Birth can take a long time. Like several days. And it's not always as exciting as you would think. Labor speeds up, slows down, stays steady. At some point you will fall asleep, trust us.
  2. Toiletries - Again, this takes days. You will probably want to brush your teeth.
  3. Charger - You are going to need to take pictures, and text people. Keep your phone charged.
  4. Speaker - Birth is a much more pleasant experience if you are in a calm, zen state. Have your meditation channel on Spotify ready.
  5. Car seat- Once it's all said and done you have to bring that little sucker home!
  6. Massage oil- She will need it
  7. Push Present- You can't have her thinking all that work was for nothing!
  8. Snacks and water- Hospital food is not idea. Bring things you like to eat

Nothing will take away the stress and exhilaration of the birth of your child. Being well prepared is the best way to calm those nerves!