The Secret Weapon of Newborn Care

It’s not easy to make the move from your lady’s belly to the world! Babies can potentially face a bunch of different issues when they are first born such as tongue tie, the poor latch for sucking, colic, gas, constipation, torticollis, gastric reflux, flathead, hyper/hypotonia, ear infections, and lots of other stuff.

A lot of these issues are the cause of modern birth interventions such as vacuum extractions, forceps, or C-sections. No shade to any of these interventions - we are blessed to have modern technology when it is necessary! The issue is that they often get unnecessarily used in a hospital setting.

Craniosacral therapy is a secret weapon to help lessen or completely alleviate the symptoms of any level of birth trauma.

Not only does craniosacral therapy help reduce discomfort for your baby, but it also helps them bond with you! When a baby is comfortable he takes up less energy being upset about his symptoms and concentrates more on getting to know his new sidekicks - mom and dad.

Craniosacral therapy is non-invasive and hands-on. The closest thing I can equate it to is a baby session with the chiropractor. The job of a craniosacral practitioner is to aid in the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. A baby’s fluid fluctuates from the top of the head down the spinal column and back up, and also throughout the entire body. The spinal fluid system is dynamic and the fluid's movement is connected to every human's health. If the cerebral spinal fluid of an individual is not flowing it can cause many of the problems listed above. It’s kind of like traffic vs smooth freeway driving.

During an appointment, the craniosacral practitioner will ask you about conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Then he’ll use his hands to “listen,” or palpate, the baby's tissues and membranes to see if the cerebral spinal fluid is stuck. There is a specific flow to it that can be palpated by a good practitioner. It’s not stretching or rotation — the movement is from deep within, at the cerebral spinal level. It’s more like deep shifts, but at subtle levels. In short… your little one will not be uncomfortable.

There is no harm in taking your baby to a craniosacral therapist even if the birth was relatively smooth. Take a look on Google and check out some providers in your area. If you are in NYC hit me up and I can make a recommendation!