It happened in the back seat, and it was nasty!

When Paulina and I got to designing the FirstBorn, we wanted to make sure this piece of dad gear was ON POINT! It needed to be FLY (obvi... it's in the company name 😝), but it needed to be CLUTCH AF! Ok, STORY TIME!! 

When my daughter Sam was almost 2 y/o, I had a particularly shitty moment. I was driving back home after dropping my oldest off at a dance lesson, when Sam started blowing chunks in the back seat. Then I smelled what I already knew was a fresh batch of baby diarrhea. 
I pulled over fast and jumped out of the car to help her and figure out what to do. I held her and let her continue letting go of what she needed. Then I ransacked the trunk for my wife's baby bag (the pink, white and blue Minnie Mouse one you're seeing here). 
I was trying to grab the wipes to clean her up. Well... I HATE digging through bags (anything really) I need to have my stuff easily stowed and accessible so I can quickly get in and out. This Minnie Mouse diaper bag gave no F's about what I wanted... I had to dig to the bottom of that thing and pull out the wipes. In doing so I pulled out a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't need and just let it sit all over the back seat while I got to work. 
In the end, Sam stopped spewing (from both ends) and I was able to clean her up enough so she'd be comfortable for the rest of the ride home. I never forgot how PISSED I was that I couldn't get the blasted wipes easily and that all this other stuff ended scattered throughout the car for me to pick up later. 
This is why I LOVE the wipes compartment on the FirstBorn and why I'm sure when you get yours you will to. I want for you to never have to be roadside Manny cleaning up your kid while having a UFC match with a damn diaper bag. You deserve better!