I Get My Life Back Today

6 hours! That's what I'm getting back today... and for the rest of the school year (so long as we don't go virtual).

School has started in my part of NY and all 3 of my kids are FINALLY spending their days with their teachers and classmates in school.
"Why is this dude so hyped?" You might be asking... IT IS, because they're out of the crib for a long enough stretch that will allow for me to get meaningful work done without the concerns of... 
  • coordinating breakfast and lunch
  • wondering what that loud BOOM was upstairs
  • worrying about the amount of screen time they're consuming
I'm also equally thrilled that they get to have that sense of normalcy we're all craving. They get to be in a social environment appropriate for their ages and learn a ton in the process.
"But won't you miss them?" NO! 6 hours flies by so fast that I won't have time to. Besides... they're so pumped to be in school, meeting new classmates and living without their parents for a few hours. I'm so happy for them.
On the latest episode of the Father Hoods podcast I share how we plan to celebrate this glorious day of having a newly minted H.S. freshman, 3rd grader and Kindergartner (all out of the house :P ). Check it out here.

Happy Back to School to all you school aged breeders out there!