How To Make Your Kid Smarter

Every dad wants to give their kid the best existence possible. A HUGE part of that comes with nutrition. Unfortunately kid food these days is a hot mess. Most food on the shelf is highly processed and has virtually no nutrients.

There is one food group that is absolutely crucial for kids... HEALTHY FATS!

Let's get the science out of the way. Little brains are still developing, and need brain food to thrive. One of the healthiest fats is Omega-3, which contains fatty acids called EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are vital for brain function and development through life. They actually have little cell membranes of brain cells!

I have found that the EASIEST way to make sure your kid gets a daily dose of this essential nutrient is a half a teaspoon of cod liver oil. With this magic supplement they are also getting all the Vitamin A and Vitamin D they need so their immune systems are in top shape as well.

This way, if your kid has been eating shit at school all day you know they are at least getting their daily dose of nutrients to make them smart and healthy.

The key is, you have to get a brand that is not highly processed. This essentially means that you want all the good stuff to still be in tact. Here is the link for my personal favorite brand. My daughter takes this every single day. This is not sponsored and we get nothing if you purchase, except for the satisfaction of you having a healthier and smarter kid!

The taste is actually not horrible if you get the lemon/peppermint flavor. I used to mix it in my daughter's juice, but now she is used to it and can drink it straight. Older babies can easily get this mixed in their pureed food!

Have you ever given your kid cod liver oil? Let us know what you think!