How To Make Your Kid Like You

If you have a newborn or a little kid, you may think this doesn't apply to you. However, it's a little known fact that ALL  kids grow up to be teenagers!

It is almost inevitable that at some stage of their teenage-hood they will think that you are the lamest person ever. Remember when you were in your formative years and you thought your parents were sooo annoying because they made comments about your saggy pants, or because they wouldn't let you listen to your mixtape full blast?

I have bad news. In just a few years this is going to be you. Your children will think you are old and know nothing, and as a result they will rebel. Don't worry, this is totally and completely normal. We do, however, have some advice that will help you minimize the teenage misery.

The simple solution is ADAPTABILITY.

Humans are creatures of habit, and whatever trends and habits they pick up in their formative years are the ones they stick to. But the world keeps on changing! So you have to adjust.

How appreciative would you have been if your parents knew how a Sega worked and wanted to play with you? And how weirdly cool would it have been if they knew how to decode all those numbers in your beeper, like 823 or 143??

So do yourself a favor, try to keep up. Figure out how TikTok works and what the trends are on there.

Let your kid blast Lil Pump once in a while in the car with you

Ask your kid what they're into? Maybe even try to participate!

Most importantly, remember that the world is a VERY different place than it was when you were a kid. Adapt, adjust, and try to understand. YOU were once in the same place that they are.

Both you and your kid will appreciate each other more.