How To Create A Dad-Friendly Nursery

Nurseries are ALWAYS designed to keep your baby comfortable, SOMETIMES designed to keep mom comfortable, and NEVER designed to keep you comfortable. Creating a dad-friendly nursery is a super important part of preparing for your new arrival. If you’re going to spend a bunch of time with your kid, shouldn’t you be comfortable too?? In this article, we'll explore some tips for creating a dad-friendly nursery that is both fly and functional.

Choose Gender-Neutral Decor

  1. One of the first steps to creating a dad-friendly nursery is to choose gender-neutral décor. This allows both you and your girl to feel comfortable in the space, and it can also be more practical if you plan on having more kids in the future. Consider using neutral colors, such as gray, beige, or green, and add pops of color with accessories, such as blankets or wall art. And why not sneak in the color of your favorite team?? If you’re a Knicks fan, make those pops orange

Pick Practical Furniture

2. When choosing furniture for your nursery, think about functionality and practicality. Choose a crib that is easy to assemble and disassemble, and consider a convertible crib that can grow with your mini. Opt for a dresser with ample storage space for baby clothes and other essentials, and choose a comfortable glider or rocker for those late-night feedings.

Include Dad-Specific Items

3. In addition to practical furniture, consider including dad-specific items in the nursery. This can include a comfortable recliner or armchair, a mini-fridge for snacks and drinks, or a sound system for bumping music or white noise. YOU need to be comfortable just like your baby!

Think About Storage

4. Babies come with a lot of stuff, so storage is an important part of any nursery. Choose furniture with built-in storage, such as a crib with drawers underneath, or invest in a set of storage bins or shelves. Make sure that everything has a designated place so that the nursery remains organized and clutter-free. Your nursery should have compartments on compartments just like the FlyDad bag.

Incorporate Personal Touches

5. Personal touches can help make the nursery feel like a special space for both you and your mini. Add your favorite album covers to the walls, or choose a theme from your favorite sport for a corner. This can help make the space feel more personalized and welcoming.

Don't Forget About Lighting

6. Lighting is an important consideration in any nursery. Opt for adjustable lightings, such as dimmer switches or lamps with adjustable settings, so that you can create a comfortable environment for both you and your baby. Consider adding blackout curtains or shades to keep the room dark during nap times, and choose a nightlight for late-night feedings and diaper changes.

Keep Safety in Mind

7. Finally, when creating a dad-friendly nursery, it's important to keep safety in mind. Make sure that all furniture and décor are securely anchored to the walls, and choose baby-safe materials and finishes. Make sure that electrical outlets are covered and cords are kept out of reach and invest in a baby monitor to help you keep an eye on your little one.

Creating a dad-friendly nursery is all about balancing style and practicality. By incorporating practical furniture, personal touches, and dad-specific items, you can create a comfortable and welcoming space for both you and your baby. Remember to keep safety in mind, and don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with your nursery design.