The FlyDad Bag Is The Perfect Compliment to the Itzy Ritzy

Anybody that has been living with their significant other for any amount of time can tell you that there is an advantage in the relationship when there are his and hers items. Most couples don’t share their toothbrushes or their razors. They also don’t share purses or man bags. Laptop bags are another item that usually has a single owner. 

The quality of the relationship further improves when you keep this division of assets going. Have you ever heard of anyone that is unhappy to have separate closets? Or separate bathrooms? And who wants to share a car?? 

Many famous relationship coaches have voiced their opinion about the advantage of being your own person. You should not dream of becoming one with your significant other, but instead your goal should be to be a compliment to each other. Both of you will have your own lives, your own opinions, your own taste, and your own preferences. You will harmoniously come together in your dwelling to encourage each other, support each other, and jointly raise your kids.

So why in god’s name would you ever share a diaper bag?? 

You don’t have the same taste or needs in shoes

Nor in bags

Nor in cars

Nor in bathroom accessories

So how is it possible that you would ever happily share a diaper bag??

Diaper bags are a category that definitely deserve single ownership. Each parent deserves to be supported, have all THEIR needs met, and look good.

Enter the Itzy Ritzy for women.

You know how you walk into a woman’s bathroom only to find 5 shampoos , 10 conditioners, and 100 other bottles of unknown products? That’s because women love choices! The more you can target their specific needs, the better. That’s why the face cream for daytime, combination, acne prone skin sells better than just plain old face cream. 

The Itzy Ritzy handles this insanity perfectly with their large selection of products

Mom’s diaper bag can be green, black, cream or cheetah print. Size choices vary. Accessories are abundant. No style is missed. Mom can tote her stuff around town in a backpack, a carry bag, or a mini. She gets choices galore amid the luxury of an Itzy Ritzy diaper bag.

The one thing these bags have in common is style. They not only take care of all her baby’s needs, but also make her feel fabulous. The feeling is similar to having a new YSL bag or the season’s latest Prada boots. 

When she looks confident she feels confident. And we all know that when a woman feels good about herself everyone’s life gets easier.

A journey to a man’s bathroom paints a very different picture. It is very typical to see one shampoo, one conditioner, and perhaps a bar of soap. The soap is not for daytime, oily, mid-life skin. It’s just soap. Rest assured these items will be high end for the luxury loving man, but the selection will be small.

Enter the FlyDad diaper bag

There is only one. There are no options.

But it does EVERYTHING

It keeps milk safely stored and cool (or snacks)

It provides all the diaper changing accessories

It gives easy access to wipes via an outside wipe pocket

It helps store every toy and accessory with endless compartments

The amazing thing is this bag takes just as good care of dad as baby (or kid)...

The front strap phone storage and battery pack keeps dad charged up

The security pocket keeps valuables safe

The strap card holder allows access for quick purchase or easy airport travel

The rubber feet allow the bag to rest anywhere, even the men’s bathroom

The laptop compartment helps get work done

Most importantly, the bag is FLY

It doesn’t look like he is wearing a diaper bag. It just looks like a dope backpack that matches his outfit. 

Imagine this…

Mom is on a long overdue weekend trip with her girlfriends. She has been dreaming about this for weeks, but she is nervous. Can she leave him alone with her precious baby? Dad is on kid duty and he is determined to do everything right and make her feel at ease. It’s Saturday and the day is jam packed. He has dry cleaning to pick up, an appointment at the barber shop, and a full grocery shop! Guess what that means?? His kid is rolling with him everywhere he goes. He assures his wife that everything is under control.

The dress code for the day is casual so Dad throws on his jeans, t-shit, a hat, and Jordans. 

Do you think it would it ever work to add a typical diaper bag backpack as an accessory on his back??

Obviously not.

Women are not the only ones that feel good when they look good. If you are a man you know the vibe when you have a fresh haircut, a crisp new t-shirt, and brand new kicks. You feel like you can take on the world!

This is why the FlyDad diaper bag is the perfect accessory. It will keep the kid dry, clothed, and taken care of while keeping dad swagged up.

It is truly the perfect compliment to the Itzy Ritzy diaper bag.

First there was Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Then there was Bey and Jay, Will and Jada, Courtney and Travis. 

But the ultimate power couple is the Itzy Ritzy and the FlyDad diaper bags

Do you think Bey and Jay would ever use the same bag with their kids??

I think not.