Post Partum Dad Depression

Your baby is 3 months old and he is screaming all night long. Your wife is 100% dedicated to motherhood and she is ignoring you. The importance of making an income to support this tiny screaming being is magnified x1000. On top of all this, you’re not sleeping.

These conditions can make anyone depressed, but imagine if hormones come into play too! It’s a little-known fact that dad’s hormones change after childbirth just like mom’s.

Paternal postpartum depression is real. In fact, 15% of all fathers in the US experience it in some shape or form. But when they do, most men keep silent—because of stigma, because they feel they need to focus on their lady and children, or just because they don’t know that with the right help, they could feel so much better.

The usual symptoms of depression and anxiety apply. But guys can also experience other less recognized symptoms such as aggression, rage, using drugs and alcohol to relieve stress, or acting out at home or at work. Expressing stress in these ways is often “more socially acceptable” for dudes.

If you are feeling out of control after your baby’s birth, you are definitely not alone. You need to remember that when you take care of yourself you are actually taking care of your family. Here are a few different ways to cope:

  1. Look into Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Therapy can be expensive, but these days there are apps and online options that can save you a lot of bucks
  2. Begin a meditation practice. I know… not the manliest thing. But, do you want to feel better?? Check out some guided meditation apps and try to make meditation a daily practice
  3. Try acupuncture. This ancient Chinese medicine does wonders for anxiety and depression by boosting serotonin and reducing stress hormones like cortisol
  4. Try an ashwagandha supplement. In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is most commonly known for its mood-lifting effects. Scientific research supports its potential to treat clinical depressive disorders. Studies show that its effects are comparable to common prescription antidepressants.
  5. Schedule YOU time to do something you love. It sounds cheesy, but it works. When you are in a flow state your brain releases feel-good chemicals that change your mood. Remember, taking care of yourself IS taking care of your girl and your baby

Anxiety and depression are no fun, but most of the time they are temporary and fixable. Stay strong and always make sure to take care of yourself.