5 Ways To Make The Other New Moms Jealous

You finally bring your baby home and your lady is a HOT MESS. She is sleep deprived and her hormones are all over the place. She just went through hell and back delivering your beautiful baby and you are lost in what to do to make her feel better. 

The kid only wants his mom and her boob, and you are feeling pretty worthless. Most guys get lost here, but we want to arm you with the info you need to be a superstar new dad. We want her to swoon over you and brag to all her new-mom friends about how amazing her man is! 

Here are a few ways that you can support your girl over the next few months to make the “4th trimester” a little bit easier:

  1. Learn how to give baths and change diapers - There are a very limited amount of things that new dads can do for a baby, and baths and diapers are 2 of them. Moms love it when you take over tasks like these. It gives her a break to collect herself and makes her feel supported. Nighttime baths also help you create a routine with your baby and bond with him.

  2. Offer to take the baby out for a walk at least once a day - This is another great opportunity for the mom to take a break. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to get out of the house and take a mental break from the new-baby household. Finally, fresh air is sooo good for your baby! 

  3. Clean the house or hire a housekeeper - If you want brownie points this is THE way to get them! One of the best ways to support a new mom is to take care of all the other stuff she can’t do now that she is a 24-hour caretaker. Taking over some of the things she was previously doing will really make her feel like you are a team.

  4. Give her positive affirmations - Tell her how strong she is for getting through labor and childbirth. Remind her that she is doing great and she is an amazing mom. It’s a little-known fact that ladies don’t know what they are doing in the beginning either, and worry about whether they are doing a good job. It wouldn’t hurt to tell her she is beautiful also.

  5. Take her lead in the bedroom - Although the average time to heal down there is 6 weeks, it often takes longer. If she is coming off of a C-section it might take months. Be sensitive to her physiology down there and don’t feel like you are getting rejected. She’s just not ready. Talk to her and ask her how she is feeling down there and assure her that there is no pressure.

A huge part of being a great new dad is simply being a supportive partner. Do your best to have your lady’s back for the first few months to the best of your ability, and we promise that you will get into a groove and life will get back to normal soon!